Chairman | Siri Beate Rygg

Siri studied in Kristiansand from 2010 to 2016, during which she studied BA in music with pedagogy, and MA in music performance. As a student, she has worked as flute teacher in several elementary school wind bands, as well as Kristiansand Municipal School of Culture.

Siri joined The Norwegian Flute Ensemble as a board member in 2011, vice president in 2013 and assumed position as president in 2014. She has been a regular member of the alto flute section, and served as group leader on several of our projects.



Vice Chairman & Secretary | Daniel Henry Øvrebø

Daniel started his BA in music with pedagogy in Kristiansand in 2009. He then went on to complete an MA in music performance, with two semesters as exchange student at Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg in Germany, and has also studied art history and German language and culture at the University of Bergen.

Daniel joined the board of The Norwegian Flute Ensemble in 2011 as vice president and treasurer until 2013, and returned in 2016 again as vice president. He has been a member of the bass flute section since 2008 and served as group leader on several projects.



Treasurer | Kine Hansen Aasen

Public Relation | Linda Christine Bergaplass

Linda Christine studied BA and MA in Kristiansand from 2008-2014, including two semesters as an exchange student in Aarhus. She lives currently in Oslo and has been active with the project Det Ljomer av Viking, in which she performs authentic Norwegian medieval music on willow flutes.

Linda Christine was active as a board member during her study in Kristiansand, and has again been a member since 2015. She has been a regular member of the alto flute section.




Deputy Member | Charlotte Algrøy Svidal